Why Food Service Can Be a Rewarding Career Choice

Food service positions are among the most recognizable jobs around. They are literally everywhere. But while food service provides an excellent way to earn a paycheck, does the industry represent a rewarding career choice?  

It’s a long-range question. A large chunk of people will hold some kind of food-service position during the course of their lives. One study suggested that half of all adults will work in the industry at some point during their careers. The same figures noted that a third of people get their first professional experience in these roles.  

Sure, it’s a good place to start, but do you want to stay there? There are significant benefits to choosing food service as your career. Here are some of the reasons this industry can represent a rewarding career choice:  

Earn Good Tips

On the face of it, server salaries are relatively small. Indeed estimates an average earning potential of around $12 an hour. However, that doesn’t count tips, which can make up a larger portion of a food-service worker’s pay.  

These figures vary from situation to situation. Not all food service pros receive tips (people don’t tend to leave gratuities in fast-food restaurants, for instance). Also, tips are often given as a percentage of the bill…so it matters where you work. Tip-sharing arrangements with other members of the staff also play a role.  

But in the right place and with the right attitude, a food service employee can earn a significant amount from tips. Maybe not the $100,000 a year that are occasionally possible, but a nice payday all the same.  

They Can’t Outsource Your Job Overseas

One of the most troubling aspects of the last several decades has been the continuing spread of outsourcing for working Americans. For decades, companies have been moving jobs to lower-cost parts of the world. One estimate suggests that 300,000 positions leave the country every year as a result of outsourcing.  

This trend has included many types of professions. Manufacturing, call center, and even medical positions have been rerouted to an overseas location. One sector immune to this erosion? Food service.  

You can’t have someone in India cook your hamburger or mix your vodka tonic. That kind of work has to happen in person, on the spot. It gives the sector stability you can’t find in many other parts of the economy.  

Opportunities Exist Everywhere

Every town has bars and restaurants. There are more than 660,000 such establishments in the U.S., with almost 24,000 in New York City alone. This gives any food-service pro plenty of options.   

Not only can you find many opportunities in your hometown. You can also take your skills on the road. Any place you’d like to relocate to, you’ll be able to find a potential employer. 

It goes beyond that, though. Food service positions allow you to build skills you can use anywhere. Think of the chops it takes to make it in the industry: the abilities to deal with people, to work in a fast-paced environment, to solve problems, to operate as part of a team, to communicate with unhappy customers, and to stay positive and productive in a stressful situation.   

Those are talents any employer, in any field, would highly value. The skills you learn as a food-service employee can become the basis of any career that you want to build in the future.  

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