Looking to Maximize Electrical Safety? Use These Tips

You know the basics of electrical safety. Still, it’s always possible to go further. As a professional electrician, you need to cover every angle.   

After all, one mistake around electricity can mean severe injury or even death. Data show about 1,000 deaths per year caused by electrical injuries. And those are only the worst-case scenarios. About 30 times that number suffer non-fatal injuries.  

Given the risks, it’s important to take advanced precautions. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you maximize electrical safety when you’re on the job as an electrician:  

Plan Your Attack

Before you begin work on an assignment, put together a detailed plan. Know what you want to do before you start physically interacting with any wiring.   

This way, you can have the proper equipment within reach. The approach will save you from fumbling around during a potentially dangerous situation. At the same time, a well-conceived plan will allow you to assess the safety risks involved. As a result, you will better know how to counteract these hazards.  

Use the Right Equipment

Never start a job without the right PPE in place. Don’t fall into the “this will be quick and easy” trap. Even quick and easy jobs can turn deadly.   

Think of a seatbelt while driving a car. You buckle up as a matter of habit before every trip. Your electrical safety gear falls into the same category. As a matter of routine, use the right equipment every time.  

Don’t Assume   

If everything works right and everyone does their jobs correctly, there should be no safety concerns around electrical equipment. Unfortunately, those factors aren’t always true. Just because something should be safe doesn’t mean it is.   

In other words, don’t take anything for granted. Stay aware of your circumstances and double-check everything. That means testing equipment before using it, ensuring that power is turned off before you begin, and inspecting PPE before use.  

Follow Safety Signage  

Read signs and follow their instructions. Simultaneously, as you set up a work area, make sure you’ve marked off your location. Keep people at a distance with cones and barriers. Use signs to let them know you need your space.  

Remove Clutter  

As much as possible, have a clean area in which to work. By keeping everything tidy, you reduce the risk of tripping and other causes of freak accidents.  

Have an Emergency Plan  

What happens if something goes wrong? In a panic situation, you might have just a few seconds to take action. Know what to do in an emergency situation. Also, have a first-aid kit available so you can react quickly in case of an injury.  

Get First Aid Training

Having equipment available in an emergency is a good first step. But you need the right training to take effective action. Make sure you know how to treat electrical shock and the process necessary for resuscitation. In an extreme situation, this knowledge could mean the difference between life and death.  

With the right preparation and relatively simple precautions, you can minimize the electrical job risks. And, when done safely, being an electrician offers an excellent career path.  

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