Techniques of a Master Bricklayer

Masonry is an art. Like any art, it requires a coordinated effort to improve. You need to fine-tune your craft to reach your potential and expand your techniques as a master bricklayer.  

But masonry is also a business. It’s a way to earn a living. A painter or a poet can refine their technique in their spare time while they pursue a more lucrative profession. For you, your art is also your way of receiving a paycheck.  

There are ways to balance these needs. You can find ways to improve your craft while driving your career forward at the same time. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you expand your techniques as a master bricklayer:   

Practice, Practice, Practice

Getting good at bricklaying involves the same process as getting good at anything else. Violins, golf, interpretive dance, bricklaying – it all works the same. You get better by doing it.  

Look for any opportunity to expand your skills. Take challenging assignments and search for potential freelance work. These added gigs will give you the practical experience you need to reach your full potential.  

Weigh Experience Vs. Earnings

The jobs that pay the best don’t always provide the best experience. You might need to go out of your way to find learning experiences. Moreover, a well-placed job can provide a kind of advertisement for future (better-paying) gigs.  

These concerns require a balancing act. In some cases, money might have to take the backseat. Of course, you still need to get paid. But a high-profile job could open the door to other opportunities or could provide you with experience you can draw on over a lifetime.  

Keep finances in mind as you make your decisions. Just don’t become so focused on cash that you lose sight of the bigger picture.  

Seek Out Help

Don’t think of adding skills as a solo activity. Everyone benefits from guidance and direction. These teachers can come in many forms. Here are few options as you look to expand your capabilities as a bricklayer:  

Find Inspiration Online

Of course, you’ve progressed past the “DIY Bricklaying 101” YouTube videos. But that doesn’t mean that the internet is entirely void of useful information. The world is full of quality bricklayers looking to share their skills. Seek them out.  


The internet provides an amazing resource for learning new techniques. But the old-fashioned way works as well. Nothing provides more enrichment than a face-to-face teacher. Seek out experienced bricklayers that you respect. Ask them to show you their advanced techniques.   

Not only will this facilitate learning. You’ll also make connections that will help you find jobs in the future.  

Take a Formal Class

You might benefit from a more formal setting. Many schools offer advanced classes in bricklaying. Find courses that go beyond your current skill set. Or look for other disciplines that might compliment your basic bricklaying abilities. For instance, a class on business development or marketing might help you land more gigs.  

Work With a Skilled Trades Job Agency

Finding the right opportunities to expand your skills lets you expand your masonry abilities. How do you do that? Well, a good staffing firm, like LaborMAX Staffing, can help. They can locate the perfect placements to drive your career forward.