Clever Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

You might think of saying “thank you” as just a matter of simple politeness. Sure, that’s true. But it also represents good business. Finding clever ways to show your employees you appreciate them will help build team spirit and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Employees want to feel valued for their contribution. Doing so leads to improved retention and productivity. This, in turn, will bolster profitability and encourage innovation.

Just look at the numbers. For instance, one study showed that appreciation can keep your top contributors from developing a roving eye. The survey, prepared by SurveyMonkey and Bonusly, indicated that nearly two-thirds of workers (63%) who received consistent recognition were very unlikely to seek out new opportunities in the near future.

The benefits of employee appreciation are obvious. Unfortunately, you can’t always afford bonuses and raises. Limited budgets and tight time constraints mean you need to get creative about your approach to these kinds of relations.

With that in mind, here are a few clever strategies you can use to show your employees you appreciate them:

Ask for Feedback

Don’t guess what your employees want. Ask them.

Garnering feedback serves two purposes. First, you can steer your appreciation efforts toward gestures that your workers will…well, appreciate. Second, the conversation itself indicates a level of trust and understanding. You show them you care about their opinions and want to incorporate their ideas into your policies.

Turn to Social Media

You love your employees. You want to shout your appreciation to the world. Social media gives you that chance.

Don’t restrict your thank yous to internal conversations. Let the world know. Showcase your workers on social media and on your website. Share their successes with the outside community, allowing your top workers to bask in public praise.

Treat Your Employees as Individuals

Everyone has specific tastes and preferences. Trying to craft a “one size fits all” approach to appreciation will leave some people cold. Instead, find out what motivates each individual employee. Then, tailor your “thank you” gesture to that person’s desire.

Look Beyond Work

Don’t focus solely on achievements that happen in the office. Look for employees who excel in outside circumstances as well. Give praise and rewards to workers who succeed in charity endeavors or reach a milestone in an outside hobby.

You can also show appreciation by sponsoring extracurricular activities. If an employee lands a part in a local theater production, buy a set of tickets for everyone in the office to attend. If they are running a marathon for charity, make a corporate donation.

These gestures don’t just show appreciation. They reinforce your commitment to a strong work/life balance. This serves to bolster your corporate culture further.

Free Food Delivery

COVID has put a damper on the idea of “the business lunch.” A scattered workforce has also made showing your appreciation more difficult. Still, you can find ways to show you care.

Eventually, you’ll be able to take your employees out to celebrate their achievements. In the meantime, you can still offer them a free meal. Create an Uber Eats or Door Dash account for the office and use it to reward your remote workers.

Need Same Day Staffing?

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