Avoiding Road Rage: Keeping Your Cool as a Delivery Driver

The open road has its romantic appeal. In reality, though, the constant traffic and ever-present time pressures of a delivery driver job can lead to significant stress. At its worst, this can spill over into dangerous outbursts.

How can you avoid road rage and keep your cool as a delivery driver?

It’s a question that more and more people will have to answer. Delivery driving was once a position limited to pizza parlors and Chinese restaurants. The growing gig economy of the last couple of decades has expanded this range dramatically.

Now almost every type of business offers some form of home delivery. This trend has accelerated over the last year or so, thanks to the spread of COVID and the need to maintain social distance. At this point, it seems like everyone will have their stint as an Uber Eats or Door Dash driver.

But all this time behind the wheel can become unhealthy. Road rage is a serious issue under normal circumstances, but the problem is usually relatively limited. Only a few people reach that boiling point in the typical course of events.

But when you’re a delivery driver, the chances of reaching a breaking point rise dramatically. You need techniques to keep your cool under the most trying circumstances. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid road rage as a delivery driver:

Watch Out for Red Flags

Road rage doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Think of a pot boiling over. Before it can spill all over the stove, that water first has to come to a boil. Recognize when tensions are starting to rise so that you can more easily avoid the messy overflow.

Watch out for contributing factors to road rage:

  • Heavy Traffic – Why does standing still make us so crazy? Adding cars on the road also adds to stress levels. When you get caught in traffic, understand that you’re likely to feel that increased tension.
  • Time Pressure – Delivery driving is all about efficiency. You make more the faster you can move. These short-term deadlines contribute to the frustration that can lead to road rage.
  • Your Mood – Don’t just look at the conditions around you. Consider your own emotional state. Recognize that outside worries can create conditions for a more aggressive response to a traffic incident.

Keep Away from Bad Drivers

Sidestep tense situations before they become too much. If you see someone driving badly, do what you can to (literally) steer clear of them.

This includes all manner of road faux pas. Avoid anyone driving too slow, driving too fast, tailgating, weaving, or generally making life difficult for other vehicles. Also, keep an eye out for drivers who seem distracted. This could include people with kids or pets, or someone constantly looking down to check their phone.

Don’t Escalate

You aren’t the only tense person on the road. Each driver around you is dealing with the same conditions. When everyone’s nerves are jangled, don’t get baited into a bad situation.

If someone turns aggressive, keep your calm and remain the better person. Ignore honking, tailgating, yelling, and rude gestures. Nothing is gained by shouting back and escalating the situation. Better to focus on your task at hand and get to your destination safely.

Know What Works for You

You’ve tried to avoid trouble, but trouble has found you. You feel your anger reaching its peak, ready to explode into road rage. What can you do now?

Well, that depends on you. Everyone has their individual triggers, as well as their specific ways of short-circuiting the angry response. Come up with a plan to tamp down your fury before it turns violenHere aree’s a few simple suggestions:

  1. Count to 10
  2. Take a Deep Breath
  3. Make Yourself Laugh
  4. Pull Over
  5. Find Another Route

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