How to Reassure Your Candidates That Your Position Is Safe…and Get Them to Apply

Hopefully, the COVID outbreak is finally subsiding. However, that doesn’t mean everything will immediately go back to pre-pandemic conditions. Many job candidates will remain concerned about safety, both for COVID and for any other medical threats that may come up in the future.

That creates a crucial communication responsibility. You need to indicate your commitment to safety right at the beginning of the recruitment process. To get people to apply to your open jobs, you need to create procedures to reassure your candidates that a position is safe.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make job seekers feel comfortable and to get them to apply for your open positions:

Post Online Resources Detailing Your Safety Procedures

You don’t want to bog down a job description with the tiny details of your COVID policy. However, you can provide additional links for interested job seekers. This will take them to a separate page outlining how you keep your employees safe.

These resources offer additional benefits as well. Namely, your current employees also have a handy reference to your COVID policies, as well as any other safety information you want to post. You can use this to keep everyone updated on the current policies and to facilitate additional independent research for your workers, your clients, and, of course, your job seekers.

Provide Virtual Options for Interviews and Onboarding

Even in a post-COVID world, you should maintain virtual options for interviews and onboarding. This allows squeamish job seekers to ease into your company. You don’t want to miss out on strong candidates because you insist on an in-person discussion.

The good news is you likely have the virtual infrastructure in place. Because of COVID, most companies turned to remote hiring practices. Just leverage these tools on an ongoing basis to open up your recruitment possibilities.

Make PPE Available

When you do interact with job candidates in person, you should provide the proper PPE. This includes things like gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks. Of course, most visitors to your facility will come with their own PPE. But having them available signals your commitment to safety.

At the same time, discuss how you provide these supplies in your job posting. Mention that PPE will be made available to all employees and to all job candidates. Underline this commitment with visual evidence – include pictures in your online materials. These images should show your employees using gold-standard safety protocols.

Offer Hazard Pay

It may seem cynical to think in these terms, but your relationship with your employees comes down to a financial arrangement. In other words, money talks. Show job candidates that you’re serious about their well-being by compensating them for any additional risks they absorb.

Leverage Employer Branding

Don’t wait until you post an open position to start communicating with potential candidates. Instead, take steps to give your safety focus added credibility. You can do this by making the topic part of your overall employer branding.

Post information on your website and through your social media feeds. Give safety updates and underline your commitment to protecting everyone, from clients to employees to possible job candidates. This will give weight to the claims you make in your job descriptions and encourage top talent to apply.

Get the Best Employees by Using a Top Recruiter

To get the right employees, you have to communicate effectively with job candidates. It’s all part of a strategic staffing plan. By underlining your safety commitment, you increase your chances of locating the perfect team members. A strong recruiting firm, like LaborMAX, can make that possible.

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