How to Get Your Employees to Care About Safety

A group of warehouse employees wearing safety vests, talking

Let’s face it: safety regulations can get annoying. Sure, they save lives and limit risks. But they also slow down production and complicate operations.

That’s why you need every member of your staff to buy-in. Otherwise, people will ignore the rules. They’ll cut corners to simplify their days. For this reason, it’s crucial to get your employees to care about safety. Without that commitment, you’ll never get the compliance you need.

Communicate the Importance of a Safe Environment

Don’t just tell your employees what to do. Explain why they should do it. In other words, let them know the potential practical consequences of ignoring safety regulations.

Make a convincing case that your procedures will save lives and avoid injuries. Share statistics about accident rates. At the same time, detail how your protocols reduce dangers. Supplement this with online reference guides that will let your workers conduct additional research on their own.

These steps will make it easier for employees to follow your safety rules. They will better understand why you made the regulations. Meanwhile, they will also see how they benefit from following them.

Don’t Look the Other Way

Some employers unintentionally give mixed signals about safety. Yes, they will outline detailed safety protocols. But then they will set production targets that are impossible to reach if every guideline is followed.

In these cases, the company takes hands-off attitude. They communicate to their workers, “hey, we told you what to do, so it’s your fault if something goes wrong.”

This puts the impetus for compliance solely on the employees. In these cases, the company treats safety regulations as a way to avoid future legal troubles. They aren’t interested in safety…they just want to limit liability.

Avoid this mistake. Don’t get cynical about safety. Don’t just consider the legal ramifications.

Instead, remember the real purpose of safety regulations: to prevent injuries and to protect your workers. If you make a serious commitment to compliance, your employees will follow your lead.

Create a Safety System

To engage your employees in the safety process, you should make it part of the everyday routine. That takes meticulous planning and rigorous execution. It helps to have a system in place, so that safety communication becomes part of your routine.

Here are some steps to keep in mind:

Build a Strong Training Program: Engage employees as soon as they start work at your organization. Create a comprehensive training program so everyone begins their tenure on the right foot.

Maintain Appropriate Signage: Having signs strategically posted throughout your facility allows you to offer constant reminders. It signals areas of high danger and lets you highlight points of emphasis.

Provide Rewards for Compliance: Some employers rely too heavily on negative reinforcement. They point out violations of safety procedures, but don’t give praise when things go well. Let your employees enjoy their success when they achieve safety milestones.

Create Consequences for Breaking Protocols: Unfortunately, some violations are likely to occur. You need to set up clear consequences for breaking safety procedures.

Get the Right Employees to Maximize Safety

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