How to Better Balance Work and Family

We often think about the term “success” as it relates to our working lives. But the word can have a broader definition, one that goes beyond just getting the highest salary or landing the next promotion. Achieving this kind of success means creating a meaningful balance between your work life and your family responsibilities.

Unfortunately, this can prove difficult. The vast majority of workers sacrifice their home lives to their professional goals. For instance, one survey showed that two-thirds of employees don’t feel they have a good work/life balance.

This can have long-ranging impacts. You can lose precious moments with your families. At the same time, you can strain relationships and cause unnecessary stress.

However, there are steps you can take. Here are a few tips for creating a better balance between work and family:

Create Goals for Both Work and Family

You probably have a long list of career goals worked out. You know what you want to achieve in both the short term and over the long haul. Each day, you take steps to accomplish these objectives, letting you develop your career over time.

But do you have the same structure for your home life? Probably not. More likely, while you organize your work endeavors, your home life unfolds more haphazardly.

No wonder your work priorities tend to overshadow your personal ones.

You can fix this by giving your family/personal goals some formal organization as well. Think about the activities you want to prioritize in your home life. This will make it easier for you to schedule your time appropriately.

Build a Schedule

Speaking of schedules…

Again, look at how you conduct yourself at work. Your day is broken down into discrete tasks you need to perform. For some things, you have your activities organized down to the minute.

Now turn to your personal life. Probably not the same level of planning.

Of course, you likely don’t want a minute-by-minute timeline of how you spend your evenings and weekends. Still, scheduling around your personal priorities makes it easier to incorporate them into your routine.

The added level organization lets you become more efficient about your time. As a result, you have more opportunity to enjoy hobbies and family fun.

The Ebb and Flow of Work/Life Balance

We often talk about a “work/life balance” like a permanent equilibrium state. However, it represents a more dynamic process.

Think of keeping your balance as you ride a bike or walk on something narrow. You make constant micro-adjustments to keep yourself upright and moving forward.

You need the same approach to maintaining a work/life balance. Here are a few tips to make that happen:

  • Keep the Lines of Communication Open: Have a constant conversation going with the important people in your life. That includes your boss and your loved ones.
  • Maintain Boundaries: Create some separation between work and family life. No phones at family dinner. No work on Sundays. Whatever rules you need to set, be sure to respect your family time as much as you do the hours you dedicate to work.
  • Realize that Priorities Change over Time: Remember that your definition of the proper work/life balance can evolve as your life circumstances change. Sometimes, your focus on work will take precedence. During others, you’ll concentrate more on home.

Find the Perfect Job for Your Lifestyle  

Keeping the proper work/life balance gets easier when you have the right employer. A good company will facilitate all your goals, both professional and personal.

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