On-The-Job Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

There are few things more disruptive than a workplace accident. Almost by definition, they come out of nowhere and the results can have long-lasting implications for both the employees and the company. The key to limiting those implications is knowing what to do when an accident takes place. If you learn the steps to take ahead of time, you can keep a cool head in a crisis. Notify Your Branch or Recruiter Once the immediate situation is stabilized, notify your LaborMAX branch or recruiter, as outlined in your LaborMAX worker safety training manual. It is important to notify your recruiter… Read more »

Common Myths About Company Culture

A lot of people talk about culture, but very few truly understand it. Culture commonly gets portrayed as whether a company is fun to work for, or as a boilerplate statement of inclusivity and community involvement it is often ignored and potentially mocked even by the people it impact most. Not to get too new-agey about it, but culture should represent a company’s spirit – the sum total of its ideals. This should include things like inclusivity and community involvement and (hopefully) a welcoming environment where people want to work, but it encompasses much more! Here are five prevalent myths… Read more »

6 Tips to Help You Stay Alert and Safe When Changing Shifts

Shift workers often change schedules quite often, putting them at higher risk for safety issues on the job. Changing shifts makes it impossible to have the luxuries of regular sleeping and eating schedules, which can lead to a constant state of fatigue. Here are six tips to help you stay alert and safe while changing shifts. One: Power Nap Power naps can be a great way to rest and recharge your batteries before a shift. The length of the nap depends on your personal needs and preferences. Some people feel refreshed after 20 minutes, others require an hour or more.… Read more »

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

We live in an age of theoretical limitless connections. The theoretical part is key, though. Despite all the potential in social media, much of the online world revolves around shallow topics and inane chatter. This can make it difficult to use social media to achieve real-life goals, such as finding a job. It’s not impossible though. By following a few simple guidelines, social media represents a great opportunity to accelerate your job search. It enables the widening of your networking effort, the efficient gathering of information and engagement with potential employers and staffing firms. Here are a few tips for… Read more »

Does Your Safety Plan Cover Your Bases?

Workplace safety plans are not something you can simply set and forget. They must be reviewed regularly to ensure that you are covering all your bases. However, there are no hard and fast rules as to how often you should review your plan. Revisions and updates will need to occur as often as necessary to keep your team safe. Use these guidelines to ensure your safety plan is thorough, accurate and updated regularly. Signals To Review Your Safety Plan There are numerous events that should trigger a safety review. They can include (but are not limited to): Moving to a… Read more »

3 Signs You Need to Replace an Employee (And Where To Start)

Obvious reasons to fire someone: catch them in blatant, rampant embezzlement; grow tired of their constant sexist and racist diatribes; lose patience as they continually show up to customer meetings wearing a mesh muscle shirt and parachute pants. Most of the time, though, situations don’t offer such clarity. By and large, employees will meet the minimum standards of office behavior and achieve at least bare minimum level of competence in their job performance. But staying just this side of terrible doesn’t guarantee a job for life though. There are some subtler signs that it’s time for an employee to go.… Read more »

5 Tips to Streamline Your Job Search (Fast!)

Pick your metaphor: running in place, spinning your wheels, getting stuck on the treadmill. You started your job search with such hope and enthusiasm, but as days became weeks and then became (*gulp*) months, it has evolved from an adventure into a grind. Part of the problem might be your approach. Unless you target your job search appropriately, it’s easy for things to get off track. But there is hope. Streamlining your approach can lead to improved results, making your job search more efficient and ultimately more effective. Here are five tips to make that possible: Determine Your Goals There’s… Read more »

Want to Increase Productivity? Then Focus on Employee Safety

Safety procedures are often viewed by employees as a barrier to productivity. Doing something the “safe” way can sometimes take longer than taking shortcuts and doing things quickly, without an eye for safety. The temptation to abandon safety protocols can be strong, especially when a team is under tight deadlines. However, a safe workplace is actually more productive and profitable. Save Environments Prevent Lost Hours An accident can grind production to a screeching halt. Injured employees also need to take time off – sometimes long periods of time – which impacts a team’s ability to work at peak productivity. Cutting… Read more »

5 Popular Job Interview Questions You Should Expect to Answer

Most job interviews are startlingly similar. When you find yourself in the job-hunting cycle, deja vu becomes common. It can seem like you find yourself in the same room, talking to the same people, answering the same questions. With that in mind, consider some of the most common interview questions and come up with appropriate answers. It can make the interview itself seem a little canned, but the goal is to avoid getting tripped up on the easy stuff. Here are five popular job interview questions and some potential strategies for answering them: Tell me about yourself … This a… Read more »

Never-Ending Job Search? How to Stop the Cycle

Apply. Interview. Repeat. On and on, the job search treadmill goes. Being out of work is stressful enough. Add the growing frustration of continual fruitless searching, and it’s enough to make you want to crawl into bed and wait for social security. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four steps to help break the disappointment cycle: Be Honest with Yourself You haven’t gotten where you wanted in your career. The first step is an honest self-assessment. Are you doing something to create barriers? A thin resume, poor interview skills, applying to the wrong positions – any… Read more »