Want to Increase Productivity? Then Focus on Employee Safety

Safety procedures are often viewed by employees as a barrier to productivity. Doing something the “safe” way can sometimes take longer than taking shortcuts and doing things quickly, without an eye for safety. The temptation to abandon safety protocols can be strong, especially when a team is under tight deadlines. However, a safe workplace is actually more productive and profitable. Save Environments Prevent Lost Hours An accident can grind production to a screeching halt. Injured employees also need to take time off – sometimes long periods of time – which impacts a team’s ability to work at peak productivity. Cutting… Read more »

5 Popular Job Interview Questions You Should Expect to Answer

Most job interviews are startlingly similar. When you find yourself in the job-hunting cycle, deja vu becomes common. It can seem like you find yourself in the same room, talking to the same people, answering the same questions. With that in mind, consider some of the most common interview questions and come up with appropriate answers. It can make the interview itself seem a little canned, but the goal is to avoid getting tripped up on the easy stuff. Here are five popular job interview questions and some potential strategies for answering them: Tell me about yourself … This a… Read more »

Never-Ending Job Search? How to Stop the Cycle

Apply. Interview. Repeat. On and on, the job search treadmill goes. Being out of work is stressful enough. Add the growing frustration of continual fruitless searching, and it’s enough to make you want to crawl into bed and wait for social security. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four steps to help break the disappointment cycle: Be Honest with Yourself You haven’t gotten where you wanted in your career. The first step is an honest self-assessment. Are you doing something to create barriers? A thin resume, poor interview skills, applying to the wrong positions – any… Read more »

First Time Working With a Staffing Firm? Here’s How to Pick a Great Partner

You’ve decided your career could benefit from a little professional help, and you have started to look into a staffing agency. Sound decision, but now the question becomes: Which one is right for you? Finding the answer can be daunting. If you live in a large metro area, the choices can seem overwhelming and the decision itself can seem achingly crucial. After all, your future career depends on it, right? Don’t stress. Here are four basic questions to ask when narrowing the field of staffing agencies. These will help you find the one that best suits your needs. Who Are… Read more »

Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Companies often think of employees as just filling jobs. You need someone on an assembly line, so you hire an assembly worker. You need an accountant, so you hire the person with the best accounting background. But this approach is too narrow. To maximize your hiring decisions, you need to look beyond the short term and find out what deep skills you need for the long term. To get to that point, here are five questions to ask yourself to determine your real hiring needs: How quickly am I growing? Different growth rates require different employees. If you are rolling… Read more »

Job Application Require a Cover Letter? How to Write a Great One!

A lot of job applications are a matter of point and click. Sometimes it’s literally that easy: Find a job that looks good and click on the job site to send a pre-loaded resume. Then it’s just a matter of waiting. Other times, the process is more involved. The first extra step a lot of potential employers ask for involves submitting a cover letter. At times, this can seem annoying. But think of it as an opportunity. It’s another way to introduce yourself to a potential employer and another place where you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are… Read more »

6 Reasons You Should Work With a Recruiter to Fill Your Open Jobs

Hiring is expensive, time-consuming and risky. It can also be a pain. This can put employers in an uncomfortable Catch 22, needing additional manpower, but not wanting to invest the manpower they have in the effort to hire. As such, many businesses end up delaying necessary hires because they want to avoid the trouble, or because they can’t spare the time and energy needed to push ahead with an effective recruitment process. Or they end up running a slapdash effort that fails to bring in a quality employee. There’s an easy cure to all these problems: use a recruiter. By… Read more »

To Apply or Not to Apply, That Is the Question

A job posting is more than job posting. It’s also an invitation to another life. Each job opportunity presents a sliding-door moment; an event that could potentially change the rest of your career. Not that you should stress about it – it’s not as heavy as that description makes it sounds. But since a lot potentially hangs in the balance, you should take every step seriously. And the first step on this path is the application. Bringing up the immortal question: to apply or not to apply? Each application takes time and effort.  It’s impossible to apply for everything.  It’s… Read more »

LaborMax Staffing Recruiting Video

Come work with LaborMax Staffing, an award winning Nation Wide Staffing Company who’s mission statement is “Changing Peoples Lives is What We Do, Putting Them Back to Work Is How We Do It”. We are now hiring and we want to work with you! LaborMax Recruiting Video – YouTube

What Your Company Needs to Know About the New Tax Law

In late December 2017, just before Christmas, President Trump signed the Republicans’ sweeping tax bill into law. The legislation was one of the most aggressive updates of the U.S. tax code in recent memory, with many significant changes compared to the previous structure. In fact, Politico reports the timing of the overhaul sent many accountants scrambling. The bill, signed in the last couple of weeks of 2017, had an immediate impact in 2018. While the provisions had little impact on 2017 taxes, they started working as of the new year with some items requiring immediate action from some businesses. With… Read more »