Use This Key Strategy to Effectively Communicate Safety Requirements to Employees

Everyone knows safety practices are important. They’re a common component on every factory floor and construction site. But it’s critical for your labor staff to understand the extent of the consequences that can occur when safety procedures are ignored. Tell employees why—and don’t let them off easy! Safety policies and procedures are in place to prevent injuries and even death. They should be taken seriously and followed to the letter. Employees should understand by ignoring safety practices, they are putting themselves—and their fellow employees—in danger. Obviously, no one wants to find themselves in harm’s way, and no one wants the… Read more »

How to Write Your Very First Resume

Congratulations! Whether you’ve just finished high school, graduated with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or completed a trade school course, you’re ready to enter the workforce! Your ticket to the working world is your resume. This allows employers to make the first cut when deciding who they will hire. Crafting that first resume can prove difficult. Much of the advice about how to organize and shape a resume assumes you have a wealth of experience to use. Your early-career version has special concerns to keep in mind. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are four steps to writing… Read more »

Slowly But Surely: Building a Culture Founded on Safety

Safety is critical to the well-being of your employees and your business. Unlike other settings, labor and construction requires employees to work with tools, machinery and conditions that are more dangerous than many other jobs. For this reason, your staff must be properly trained on how to work within a construction and labor site. It helps to design and follow a strict safety program. How to implement a work site safety program Safety must become part of your company culture, just like punching the clock and taking breaks. Simply design your program specific to the ins and outs of your… Read more »

Terms and Conditions for Giveaway

Two gift cards (value up at $100 apiece). Eligibility requirements – Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. One entry per person will be permitted. No purchase necessary. Click on the sign-up and fill out the entry form containing your contact information to include your name, email address and phone number and other survey questions. Entry starts on Saturday, December 1, 2018, through Friday, January 25, 2019. Winners will be randomly chosen through two separate random draws: Friday, December 28 – $100 gift card Friday, January 25 – $100 gift card LaborMax Staffing or Facebook are not… Read more »

CDL Driver Workplace Safety Checklist

Commercial drivers are relied upon to deliver goods—safely and on time. But long hours on the road are not something to take lightly. Drivers should adhere to general safety guidelines to keep themselves and other motorists safe. Weather conditions, the actions of other drivers, and wildlife are all potential hazards. But by sticking to a list of safety rules, commercial drivers can help ensure a safe journey, every time. Top seven safety items for CDL drivers Drivers should follow these safety requirements to avoid accidents and maintain their CDL: Allow plenty of time to brake. Big rigs are heavy and… Read more »

Benefits of an Employee Referral Program

Think about your best employees. They make your business hum. Things get done without you having to get involved. Every project comes in early, under budget and better than expected. Now imagine if you could clone these employees. Well, maybe not the kind of cloning that comes up in science fiction movies. But the next best thing: A set of new team members hand-picked by your top employees. That’s a referral program. Setting up a system that turns your trusted employees into talent scouts can contribute to successful long-term team building. Here are some benefits: Shorter Hiring Process You know… Read more »

Classic Signs You’re Working the Wrong Job

Life unfolds in increments, a little at a time. Some people probably pick out a dream job and then work tirelessly toward that goal until they get it. The rest of us have been pretty much winging it since high school, and here we are. But don’t let life’s improvisational nature leave you in a bad situation. If you’ve found yourself in a job you hate, you need to do something to make a change. A high-stress, low-reward environment can waste years of your career, undermining your health and draining your spirit. When you’re in the situation, though, it isn’t… Read more »

“Don’t Ask That!” – Questions You Cannot Ask During a Job Interview

The point of a job search is to build the best possible team. To that end, you want to know everything about your future employers. Unfortunately, the job search process offers limited avenues to gather intel. This puts a lot of pressure on the interviewer to get as much information about of a candidate as possible. But there are limits. State and federal laws forbid you from gathering certain information. The bottom line: There are some questions, you just can’t ask. Some of these are obvious, though still point to important business-related information. Others might seem like innocent questions, but… Read more »

Yes or No: Should You Ask Your Interviewer Questions?

Interviews provide an opportunity to show off. You want to take every chance to highlight the unique experience you can bring to the company. If the interviewers give you time to talk, take it. Which brings us to the end of the interview. You’ve handled the introductions and the small talk without blurting out anything embarrassing. You’ve weathered the what’s-your-biggest-weakness-style trick questions. Now, they turn to you and ask, “Do you have any questions for us?” The tone here is often casual, perfunctory. It’s the end of the interview. They seem ready to stand up and show you to the… Read more »

How to Launch an Employee Wellness Program

Wellness is a buzzword these days! From gym memberships to healthier food choices and community involvement—you can’t escape the fact that the country is attempting to improve its wellness. This is also true within businesses, and employers now understand that encouraging good health helps workers avoid sick time, stay more productive and focused on the job, and incur fewer healthcare costs. Employees feel better, companies run smoother, and employers save—it’s a win-win-win for all involved. Launching your wellness program – five best practices So, when you decide to offer a wellness program, how do you roll it out to ensure… Read more »