Help Your Employees Manage Stress at Work With These 3 Strategies

You can see it starting to take hold. Usually upbeat and chipper employees start to tense up. Conversations get terse. Pretty soon, there’s a blow up in the breakroom over who left a dirty cup in the sink. In some circumstances, stress can be a good motivator. It’s the old “fight or flight” mentality at play. Put a little pressure on people and get their “fight” instinct going. However, sometimes you get the “flight” instinct instead. If you run a stressful workplace, you’re rolling the dice with burnout and higher turnover. It can also play havoc with employees’ health, manifesting… Read more »

5 Signs a Candidate Will Be a Reliable Worker

Given the expense and the amount of effort you put into the endeavor, the hiring process offers a surprising lack of information about the candidates. You usually get a single page of background information, maybe a couple of face-to-face meetings and whatever stray details you can pick from other sources. That’s it. Based on that, you need to decide whether you can rely on somebody every day for the foreseeable future. It’s a tough job. It would like if you had only someone’s online dating profile and one dinner to decide whether you wanted to get engaged. But there are… Read more »

How to Protect Your Workers During Cold and Flu Season

As cold weather approaches, so too does the spread of germs associated with cold and flu. Our immune systems have to work harder when it’s cold outside, plus the stress of the holiday season can leave many of us with less stamina to fight off the occasional illness. As an employer, you can take steps to help your workers stay healthy this season. Top ways to help labor staff stay healthy Encourage the following to help your labor and construction employees stay in good health during the colder months: Encourage flu shots. This is the number one way for warding… Read more »

4 Ways Working With a Recruiter Makes Your Job Easier

You know your business. You like to keep tabs on everything and make sure everything goes right. The first step in this process is getting the right employees. Why wouldn’t you want to oversee every step of the hiring process? If everything in the business flows from the people, why would you ever farm recruitment out to someone else? Let’s flip that around for a second. Because hiring forms the cornerstone of every other aspect of your business, why wouldn’t you want expert advice to get the best result? You don’t give up control. You just enhance your team’s skill… Read more »

Slowly But Surely: Building a Culture Founded on Safety

Safety is critical to the well-being of your employees and your business. Unlike other settings, labor and construction requires employees to work with tools, machinery and conditions that are more dangerous than many other jobs. For this reason, your staff must be properly trained on how to work within a construction and labor site. It helps to design and follow a strict safety program. How to implement a work site safety program Safety must become part of your company culture, just like punching the clock and taking breaks. Simply design your program specific to the ins and outs of your… Read more »

Benefits of an Employee Referral Program

Think about your best employees. They make your business hum. Things get done without you having to get involved. Every project comes in early, under budget and better than expected. Now imagine if you could clone these employees. Well, maybe not the kind of cloning that comes up in science fiction movies. But the next best thing: A set of new team members hand-picked by your top employees. That’s a referral program. Setting up a system that turns your trusted employees into talent scouts can contribute to successful long-term team building. Here are some benefits: Shorter Hiring Process You know… Read more »

“Don’t Ask That!” – Questions You Cannot Ask During a Job Interview

The point of a job search is to build the best possible team. To that end, you want to know everything about your future employers. Unfortunately, the job search process offers limited avenues to gather intel. This puts a lot of pressure on the interviewer to get as much information about of a candidate as possible. But there are limits. State and federal laws forbid you from gathering certain information. The bottom line: There are some questions, you just can’t ask. Some of these are obvious, though still point to important business-related information. Others might seem like innocent questions, but… Read more »

How to Launch an Employee Wellness Program

Wellness is a buzzword these days! From gym memberships to healthier food choices and community involvement—you can’t escape the fact that the country is attempting to improve its wellness. This is also true within businesses, and employers now understand that encouraging good health helps workers avoid sick time, stay more productive and focused on the job, and incur fewer healthcare costs. Employees feel better, companies run smoother, and employers save—it’s a win-win-win for all involved. Launching your wellness program – five best practices So, when you decide to offer a wellness program, how do you roll it out to ensure… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Employee Retention

You’ve mastered the hiring process. You and your HR staff have achieved all-star levels in the art of finding hidden gems and maximizing every incoming prospect. The problem? After bringing in these great finds, you have a hard time keeping them. You’re learning the hard way that hiring only gets you halfway to your team-building goals. The next step is figuring out retention. Keeping good employees is as important as finding them in the first place. It does little good to invest in hiring, training and cultivating an employee, only to see them take those skills to another employer. Here… Read more »

Tasked With “Safety?” Don’t Despair: Help Is Here

Every company needs to ensure its employees are safe and sound. Not to mention—it’s the law! But based on the size of your organization, your industry or other factors, you may need employees to be part of your safety processes—including extra duties to keep teammates in check. Especially if your business is large or spans multiple sites, you can’t be everywhere at once. So, you’ll need so-called “safety ambassadors” to help you spread the word. Your recruiter can help! Bringing employees up to speed on safety regulations, whether they’re new hires or you’ve implemented changes to your current safety plan,… Read more »