Faulty Job History on Your Resume? Here’s How to Find a Job

Currently hitting a wall when writing out your job history? For many job seekers, if you’ve bounced around between jobs and industries, you may be worried you’ll look flightly or indecisive to a potential employer. However, by framing your job history in the right way, you can shape the way you appear to a hiring manager, helping you land your next job. Here’s how. Tell your story You’re unique and on your very own journey when it comes to your career. This doesn’t have to come across as something negative to a potential employer! Just the opposite—if you structure your… Read more »

Is Your Management Style Holding Your Team Back?

How you interact with your team can have a significant impact on productivity. You can motivate. You can inspire. You can foster efficiency and good spirits. Or things can go the other way. You can hinder production, foment bad feelings and provide an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction. The problem: You can’t always tell which is happening in the moment. Obviously, your goal is to create the best environment possible to run your business. But how can you correct course if you see things aren’t clicking? What can you do to improve your management style? Types of Management Depending on who… Read more »