Pranks and Practical Jokes – Don’t be a Fool

April Fools’ Day provides an excellent opportunity to relieve stress and inject some humor into a potentially tedious office environment. However, there are limits. Taken too far, pranks and practical jokes, even when conceived as harmless fun, can create serious issues.    It’s essential to loosen up at the office from time to time. Studies show that encouraging fun in the workplace can lead to concrete business benefits. For instance, a survey conducted by Robert Half International showed that 84% of executives associate a good sense of humor with good job performance. Meanwhile, 91% of respondents view humor as helpful for career advancement.  … Read more »

Workplace Safety: Confined Spaces Tips

When working in confined spaces, it’s important for laborers to follow specific steps to ensure safety. Confined spaces include enclosed or partially enclosed spaces large enough for workers to enter, but with limited means of entry or exit. Plus, they’re not meant for laborers to work in continously. These include manholes, silos, storage bins, pipelines, hoppers and trenches. While working in these spaces, laborers face the dangers of low oxygen levels, fires and explosions from or exposure to chemicals. By making safety a top priority, workers can keep themselves and others on the work site safe. Common safety procedures Before… Read more »