4 Tips to Help You Turn a Temporary Job Into a Perm Position

Companies commonly use temporary assignments as stepping stones to permanent positions. This provides a lot of structural value – both for employers and for workers. Employers don’t get locked into expensive and potentially unfortunate hires. Meanwhile, workers get to try a situation before making a firm long-term commitment. While this sort of “minor league” system has many benefits, making the jump to a permanent position can prove difficult. Just like making the big leagues in baseball, you must beat out competition and prove your long-term value, before getting a shot at “the show.” Here are four tips on how to… Read more »

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

We live in an age of theoretical limitless connections. The theoretical part is key, though. Despite all the potential in social media, much of the online world revolves around shallow topics and inane chatter. This can make it difficult to use social media to achieve real-life goals, such as finding a job. It’s not impossible though. By following a few simple guidelines, social media represents a great opportunity to accelerate your job search. It enables the widening of your networking effort, the efficient gathering of information and engagement with potential employers and staffing firms. Here are a few tips for… Read more »

5 Tips to Streamline Your Job Search (Fast!)

Pick your metaphor: running in place, spinning your wheels, getting stuck on the treadmill. You started your job search with such hope and enthusiasm, but as days became weeks and then became (*gulp*) months, it has evolved from an adventure into a grind. Part of the problem might be your approach. Unless you target your job search appropriately, it’s easy for things to get off track. But there is hope. Streamlining your approach can lead to improved results, making your job search more efficient and ultimately more effective. Here are five tips to make that possible: Determine Your Goals There’s… Read more »