What Does Employee Turnover Say About Your Management Style?

There exists a myriad of reasons why someone would leave a job, and most of them are out of a manager’s control. They can leave for more money. Well, there’s only so much in your budget. They can leave for family reason or to go back to school. Neither of those have anything to do with you. But there are departures that could have been prevented. Quirks in your management style might push certain employees out the door. If the effect gets pervasive enough, it can contribute to high turnover and lower productivity. Here are some of the flavors of… Read more »

6 Low-Cost Ways to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

Good employees make a business. Keeping them happy and productive (not to mention just keeping them) drives profitability and makes your life infinitely easier. The obvious way to communicate your appreciation is with money. Even with all the talk of team work and the general affection you have for your workers, your relationship remains fiscal at its heart. They work. You pay. But as much as you may want to give everyone a raise, there’s a practical limit. Good employees are almost by definition underpaid, as they produce so much hidden value that it’s almost impossible to fully compensate them… Read more »