How to Grow Better Workplace Relationships

Many companies are moving towards collaborative work environments and away from those that are competitive. Why? When employees feel they are working together to reach a common goal, it helps to build teamwork and creativity—and enhances communication and productivity. Instead of competition, which can be exhausting to employees, working together helps your team appreciate everyone’s skills and contributions. This is very empowering! Five Team-Building Tips As you strive to build a more supportive and inclusive work environment, consider the following: Choose activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Bowling is fun, but not everyone is good at it.… Read more »

What Does Employee Turnover Say About Your Management Style?

There exists a myriad of reasons why someone would leave a job, and most of them are out of a manager’s control. They can leave for more money. Well, there’s only so much in your budget. They can leave for family reason or to go back to school. Neither of those have anything to do with you. But there are departures that could have been prevented. Quirks in your management style might push certain employees out the door. If the effect gets pervasive enough, it can contribute to high turnover and lower productivity. Here are some of the flavors of… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Employee Retention

You’ve mastered the hiring process. You and your HR staff have achieved all-star levels in the art of finding hidden gems and maximizing every incoming prospect. The problem? After bringing in these great finds, you have a hard time keeping them. You’re learning the hard way that hiring only gets you halfway to your team-building goals. The next step is figuring out retention. Keeping good employees is as important as finding them in the first place. It does little good to invest in hiring, training and cultivating an employee, only to see them take those skills to another employer. Here… Read more »

4 Essential Steps to Help You Retain Top Talent

You’ve done everything right. You did a great job recruiting and now you have a dynamite new employee. The hard part’s over. There’s nothing ahead but efficient work and profitability. Right? Well, not quite. Hiring the right people is only the first stage in cultivating a talented team. The next step is keeping the good people you’ve hired – sometimes a bigger challenge than finding them. The same qualities you love in your workers will make them in demand with other companies. But there are things you can do. Here are four steps that will help you keep your best… Read more »