One Rejection Closer to Success – When You Didn’t Get the Job

It’s the most painful part of the job-search process. You go through the long and stressful recruitment procedures – delivering your application, fretting over your resume, and sweating through the interview – just to meet with rejection. However, you can’t let one “no” derail your plan. Instead, think of it as just another step on the road to success.   How you deal with rejection will influence your ability to develop your career. After all, throughout your working life, you’ll receive far more rejections than job offers. Use those experiences to improve your skills and prepare yourself for the eventual “yes”… Read more »

Want to Increase Productivity? Then Focus on Employee Safety

Safety procedures are often viewed by employees as a barrier to productivity. Doing something the “safe” way can sometimes take longer than taking shortcuts and doing things quickly, without an eye for safety. The temptation to abandon safety protocols can be strong, especially when a team is under tight deadlines. However, a safe workplace is actually more productive and profitable. Save Environments Prevent Lost Hours An accident can grind production to a screeching halt. Injured employees also need to take time off – sometimes long periods of time – which impacts a team’s ability to work at peak productivity. Cutting… Read more »