Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Companies often think of employees as just filling jobs. You need someone on an assembly line, so you hire an assembly worker. You need an accountant, so you hire the person with the best accounting background. But this approach is too narrow. To maximize your hiring decisions, you need to look beyond the short term and find out what deep skills you need for the long term. To get to that point, here are five questions to ask yourself to determine your real hiring needs: How quickly am I growing? Different growth rates require different employees. If you are rolling… Read more »

How to Dress for a Light Industrial Job Interview

One of the hardest parts of a job interview comes before the interview even starts: choosing what to wear. You want to dress to show respect and indicate you take the opportunity seriously. However, you don’t want to overdress and look like you don’t belong. Show up in a suit at a casual workplace and they might ask what funeral you’re headed to. Or worse, they might not think you understand what exactly they do. But if you show up underdressed, they might assume you’re not a serious candidate. It’s a fine line, so here are five tips for showing… Read more »