6 Reasons You Should Work With a Recruiter to Fill Your Open Jobs

Hiring is expensive, time-consuming and risky. It can also be a pain. This can put employers in an uncomfortable Catch 22, needing additional manpower, but not wanting to invest the manpower they have in the effort to hire. As such, many businesses end up delaying necessary hires because they want to avoid the trouble, or because they can’t spare the time and energy needed to push ahead with an effective recruitment process. Or they end up running a slapdash effort that fails to bring in a quality employee. There’s an easy cure to all these problems: use a recruiter. By… Read more »

What Your Company Needs to Know About the New Tax Law

In late December 2017, just before Christmas, President Trump signed the Republicans’ sweeping tax bill into law. The legislation was one of the most aggressive updates of the U.S. tax code in recent memory, with many significant changes compared to the previous structure. In fact, Politico reports the timing of the overhaul sent many accountants scrambling. The bill, signed in the last couple of weeks of 2017, had an immediate impact in 2018. While the provisions had little impact on 2017 taxes, they started working as of the new year with some items requiring immediate action from some businesses. With… Read more »