Organize Your Job Search, a Guide for Success

Looking for a job can be a stressful operation. A sense of panic can quickly take over the process. However, agitation and dread are counterproductive. To achieve success, it’s important to keep your job search organized.   The secret to a successful job search comes from the process you use. Keep track of everything and develop a system. That way, you can shorten the time needed to find a position and land the best opportunity you can.   Here is a guide to organizing your successful job search:   Research the Market    Before you start submitting formal applications, conduct some preliminary research. The… Read more »

Want to Increase Productivity? Then Focus on Employee Safety

Safety procedures are often viewed by employees as a barrier to productivity. Doing something the “safe” way can sometimes take longer than taking shortcuts and doing things quickly, without an eye for safety. The temptation to abandon safety protocols can be strong, especially when a team is under tight deadlines. However, a safe workplace is actually more productive and profitable. Save Environments Prevent Lost Hours An accident can grind production to a screeching halt. Injured employees also need to take time off – sometimes long periods of time – which impacts a team’s ability to work at peak productivity. Cutting… Read more »