Social Distancing In The Warehouse – How To Keep Your Team Healthy in 2020

Team of warehouse workers wearing face masks at a meeting with a supervisor

Conducting business during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a re-evaluation of many safety procedures involving the spread of disease. Nowhere is this more apparent than in warehouses – a section of most facilities where social distancing is often particularly difficult. Despite the challenges, it’s important to set the highest possible standards of infection management. Maintaining strict policies in the warehouse provides a crucial step in keeping your team healthy in 2020 and beyond.   Enacting effective social-distancing policies in a warehouse poses a daunting problem. When things are working right, a warehouse becomes a buzzing hive of activity. Inventory moves where… Read more »

The Essential Forklift Safety Checklist

Like all machinery, forklifts are best handled with proper training to ensure the safety of the operator and all surrounding workers. Employers and light industrial employees can follow these safety guidelines for proper use of a forklift. Eight forklift safety tips: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends the following safety standards for all forklift operators: Enter the forklift carefully. Do not jump aboard. Take care not to hit your head on the overhead cage. Be sure your shoes and hands are free from grease to avoid slipping as you get in. Don’t grab the steering wheel for support—this… Read more »