Four Things You Should Never Do Around Machinery

It’s up to you to keep yourself and others safe on the job. When you operate machinery at your worksite, it’s important to take all possible safety precautions. Four key safety practices for operating machines Aside from being trained and/or licensed to use specific machines, you can follow these four tips to help maintain a safe workplace: Don’t use machinery for anything other than its dedicated purpose. Never use machinery for tasks it was not meant to perform. By doing so, you can damage the machine by pushing it beyond its designated limits. Using machinery improperly can also put you… Read more »

Stress Can Increase Safety Risks. Here’s How to Manage It on the Job

In small quantities, stress can actually be good for you. It helps you rise to the occasion and bring your “A” game. However, chronic long-term stress is a drain on your system and can lead to health concerns. It can also be dangerous on the job, as it robs you of focus, morale and energy. It’s important to be able to handle stress so you can breathe easy and do your best. In a labor or construction setting, you need to be alert at all times to the equipment you’re using and the work environment around you. When you’re stressed… Read more »