How to Build a Great Employee Referral Program

Posted on 02/02 by Erin Helms

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Implementing an employee referral program is a fantastic way to save hiring resources and improve the quality of your new hires. Employee referrals produce better candidates who perform better and usually stay with companies longer. Do you have an employee referral program? If not, here are tips for starting one.

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Benefits of Hiring a Construction Staffing Agency

Posted on 01/30 by Erin Helms

If you are struggling to keep your projects staffed with reliable construction workers, a construction and skilled trades staffing agency can be the key to the success of your project. When you need a large number of laborers for tasks like demolition or cleanup, having an established relationship with a temp agency for construction workers makes the process seamless. Once your staffing partner gets to know you and your business, you can simply call, email or text your account manager, and they will send the number of workers you need – prescreened and ready to work. Advertising the position, and sourcing screening – none of these headaches are yours. Your staffing partner also assumes responsibility for benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. No-shows and other absences? Just call for a replacement. Of course, maintaining a safe and respectful workplace will help ensure the best workers will want to return, which can pay off big in terms of productivity and morale.

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Looking for a Forklift Job?

Posted on 01/26 by Erin Helms