The Power of Candidate Engagement: Creating Lasting Connections for Successful Hiring

Posted on 09/07 by Erin Helms

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Candidate ghosting, the disappearance of a job candidate during the hiring process without explanation, concerns employers. It should. When 84% of job seekers admit they have ghosted an employer in the last 18 months, it’s a problem. It is a candidate’s job market, and many applicants simply tire of the recruitment process and vanish. What can you do to engage candidates, and how can you create lasting connections for successful hiring instead of being ghosted?

Develop a Strategy for Acquiring Talent

The place to start when creating lasting connections is with a recruitment strategy featuring transparency and communication. Work with your team to keep candidates in the loop from the beginning. You can manage candidate expectations by sharing your timeline with them and giving them an overview of the interview process. It will increase the success of your recruitment efforts, and your candidates will be your biggest fans.

Keep Lines of Communication Open and Follow up If You Do Not Hear Back

Being left in the dark during hiring is difficult for job candidates. Most become frustrated when employers fail to update them on where they stand. To practice good candidate engagement, touch base early and often with candidates and ensure they know when they can expect to hear from you and follow up on that promise. You might wish to implement a candidate engagement platform that allows you to contact your candidates without added effort. Let them know you are not planning to ghost them, and they will be less likely to ghost you.

Put the Focus on the Candidates and Learn their Goals

For many, the interview process is intimidating. Challenging questions about work history, education or background can stress candidates. However, you can put them at ease by creating a comfortable environment for a sincere conversation. Ask open-ended questions and find out more about who they are and what goals they are pursuing. Learning about your candidates helps them better understand how you can support their careers in your company and beyond. Taking time to learn is an excellent way to build a strong relationship from the beginning while knowing how potential employees will adapt to your company's culture. Ghosting is a concerning trend. To avoid ghosting by candidates, your organization must create lasting impressions on the candidates. Do this by being authentic. Communicate with candidates and keep them in the loop, and you can establish strong relationships while minimizing the chance of being ghosted by a candidate. If your organization is having trouble attracting and keeping talent, let the team at LaborMAX help you. LaborMAX staffing has top-notch candidates ready to help your organization.

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