Strategies to Help You Grow As a Leader

Posted on 07/06 by Erin Helms

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Leaders act decisively, influence others, delegate tasks, think strategically and solve problems. Becoming an effective leader is hard work. It requires a significant amount of focus and only happens after some time. By understanding how to grow as a leader, you can advance your career and increase opportunities. If you want to grow as a leader, here are strategies to help you.

Consider Why You Want to Become a Leader

It is essential to consider your motivations for becoming a leader. What do you wish to accomplish in your leadership career? As a leader, you will undoubtedly face challenges daily. Consider your motivations and continue your commitment to growth when these difficulties arise.

Mimic Your Supervisor

Try to imitate and learn as much as you can from your supervisor. Take notes of their best qualities, or shadow an experienced leader to see the process. Shadowing can help you become more confident and prepared to lead others. Shadowing experienced leaders can increase your professional network too!

Accept More Responsibility

Ask for more responsibilities; it will help you grow as a leader. But avoid overwhelming yourself. Focus on a few extra tasks that are outside your job description. True leaders delegate responsibility, and when you accept extra work, you demonstrate that you are ready for a hands-on role leading others.

Learn From Mistakes

Learning from your mistakes and improving helps you grow as a leader. Even if you admit your mistakes, you indicate interest in further learning. Make a mistake? No problem. Write down how you plan to improve. Communicate your plans for developing specific habits to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

Be Ready for Conflicts

Leadership demands the ability to manage conflicts that might arise. Practice working through disputes to handle them if and when they occur. You can prevent potential conflicts by considering the possible sources of conflicts and devising a plan t minimize them.

Invest in Your Team

The best leaders help their teammates excel in their roles. Practice delegating tasks to your teammates and keeping them aware of project deadlines. Are you trying to figure out what a teammate needs? Ask questions to acquire a better grasp of the situation. Help your team by listening to their ideas and suggestions. The more you hear, the easier it becomes to resolve conflicts.

Practice Empathy

Recognizing how others feel and relating to their emotions is crucial for a leader—practice listening to your team and paying attention to their body language, tone of voice and body language. Be attentive during meetings and avoid checking the time or other interruptions.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback is an excellent way to develop and improve your leadership skills. Ask your supervisors and team how you are doing and what improvements you can make. Explain why you ask for feedback and focus your request on specific areas.

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