Job Searching for the Holidaze

Posted on 11/10 by Erin Helms

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Many companies hire new employees around the holidays. This employment is known as seasonal work and is common in various industries and geographic locations. It can be a great time to get your foot in the door of a company, re-establish connections, or work short-term. Here is helpful information about job searching for the hectic Holidaze ahead!

Great Reasons to Search for a Job During the Holidays

There are many great reasons to search for a seasonal job. You can add experience to your resume. This experience can help you develop your skills in your field or help you transfer to a new industry. It is a fantastic way to try out a new company. Seasonal work allows you to try out a company before you make a long-term commitment. Who knows, you might have the opportunity to make your seasonal job your full-time position.

Get an Early Start

You must begin your search before the season. Fall is a great time to search for a seasonal holiday job. An early start helps to ensure that you have plenty of time to find seasonal work. It also gives you time in case a prospect does not work out. It is possible to find seasonal work at the beginning or middle of the season, too, since some seasonal employees may quit, allowing you to take their place.

Use General Job Search Sites

Try to look for seasonal work on various job search sites. Make things easier by using the site’s advanced search settings to filter the type of job you want. You can narrow results by using geographic location, employment type, and company name. Make sure you filter the search results to jobs with seasonal hours. Use “seasonal” or “seasonal retail” to refine your search. Most job search sites will let you submit your application online.

Seasonal Job Sites

The general job search will provide you with a vast range of employment opportunities, including seasonal ones. A seasonal job site will only display short-term employment opportunities. These sites can save you valuable time since they already narrow down the search for you. Remember that others use these sites too so you will have competition.

Job Placement or Career Centers

If you are a student pursuing a credential, check out your school’s on-campus job placement or career center. These career centers can inform you of any job openings in your area, including seasonal positions you might wish to pursue. Furthermore, the career center can help you prepare an effective resume and cover letter that might impress a hiring manager.

Professional Network

Reach out to your professional contacts to see if they know of any seasonal job opportunities. Contacts might inform you of short-term openings at their company or connect you with other opportunities in the workforce. Even if they do not know of current openings, they can inform you of jobs if they hear something. The professionals at LaborMAX can help you find a seasonal job.

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