Communicating With Your Candidate Prospects, A Guideline

Posted on 10/05 by Erin Helms

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Your job candidates want a comfortable workplace that cares about them and where they can grow. Candidates want to be included and appreciated. Most of all, they want you to communicate with them. Candidates want to know about their job responsibilities, salary, possible challenges, and training. Here are simple guidelines for communicating with candidate prospects.

Job Responsibilities

The job descriptions that you create are suitable for briefly outlining job responsibilities. However, job candidates want more. They want all of the details, even the unpleasant ones. So, it is crucial to set clear expectations of what your candidate will do daily to help them know if they are interested in the position. Fail to do this, and you will contribute to an already high turnover rate. Be transparent about what the job entails.


You probably dislike wasting your time interviewing unqualified candidates. You can rest assured that candidates do not want to waste their time interviewing at a place where the possibility of not being paid exists. Managing salary expectations is challenging, so be upfront with candidates. Do not create false hope, and be clear from the beginning.


Most candidates want to know about the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead. Please do not sugar-coat things at this point. When candidates ask you about the hurdles, culture and work-life balance, they want an honest answer. As you tell them about the challenges, suggest that they become the ones to help bridge the gaps. Now, they have a task if hired.


All candidates want to know who they will work with and in what capacity. You must understand that different individuals thrive in various types of positions. Candidates must identify within themselves their preferences based on interests and capabilities. If the candidate will join a team, let them meet these individuals and learn how they will work together. If the position is more independent, explain to the candidates what they will need to feel comfortable as they work independently.


All employees want to know about the onboarding process regardless of job title. And a big part of the onboarding process is training. Do you not have a defined training process? Don’t worry. Just be honest with the candidates about not having a set process and how they will get up to speed. Candidates want to know they have support and guidance as they get adjusted. Please do not fail to be upfront about training.

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